Make Your Day Perfect

Whether it’s endless chatter with your friends over some drinks, a lunch meeting, or a day out with your family; Daysie has a vibe that’ll suit everyone and any occasion. It has a casual and playful ambiance where the food and drinks come together to create an intriguing fusion of culinary and mixology expertise.


Food That’ll Take You Places

The food at Daysie is a combination of various cuisines and is a recreation of many cultures, both global and Indian. It recreates authenticity without borders while simultaneously adding innovative twists to give you an experience that is unique, satisfying and strives to have something for every palette.



Every Drink Has A Story

Daysie’s range of cocktails, mocktails and shooters is a reflection of the story behind the brand and what it stands for - fresh, inventive and relaxed. Made with quality locally sourced ingredients, our concoctions deliver plenty of creative flavour profiles and notes, unusual combinations and classic mixes with a surprising twist.



A Place That’ll Put You In The Mood, Instantly

Spread across 10,000 sq ft with a seating capacity of 400, Daysie has a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor seating. From the meandering stone-paved pathway, the facade which is an ode to the classical with a hint of whimsy and a mezzanine level connected with a dramatic staircase that is the centre of attraction, Daysie is an exclusive one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of the city.